Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I guess I should list *cough*

Just the other day I was priding myself on not hitting up a thrift store all week. I was even caught up on eBay! Well pride goeth before the fall and all that:

If I put everything on the floor I can photograph it all at once!

Wii fit board: 5.99
Nautical bar set: 3.99
Rug hook kit: 1.99
Outlet covers: .99
Framed puzzle: .99
Mets invites: .79
Crewel kits: .49 each
Fire King mugs: .49 each
Bar Glasses: .49 each
MVP ribbons: .29 each
Baseball confetti: .29 each

Its a little tarnished but we still love nautical stuff right? Plus its made in Japan and photographs surprisingly well.

Thankfully the tape didn't damage it. I'm going to wash this with warm water and wipe the pieces with a jewelry cleaning cloth. I'm not trying to damage anything this old with barkeeper's friend.

When I search Marusho all I find are motorcycles and anime. Help?

Ditto here. Try looking on eBay for Morgan bar glass - its a lot of Captain Morgan posing.

I bought these for us *shock* because our 1.5 year old niece hangs here and there is an outlet about her eye level in the living room. So far she's ignored it so I don't know if sticking a big plastic bandaid on it is the way to go. Maybe I should hold out for a less ostentatious cover at this weekend's garage sales.

These Fire King mugs are weird. I've admired them on other blogs because they photograph so well. Trust me - they don't look as pretty in real life.

This kind of stuff takes me a bit to sell but stores easily and the eventual roi is good.

I am a Mets fan although my husband tells me they're not doing so well this year. I am a good fan because I am always optimistic about the next game and never let the current game get me down! See the bottom layer of confetti in the (officially licensed) bags? They're mini catching gloves! Also - why does confetti need to be officially licensed?

The wii board had one leaky socket. Luckily my old cleaning trick worked!

At the flea market the other day I saw a bunch of people selling the Wii Fit game for $2-$3. I already have a working board and a bunch of games so will probably just craigslist this on its own.

Oh and I left this AWESOME little cake platter for 1.99. It could be a jumbo candle holder (but I already have one) or a fruit bowl (I have others I like more) or little cake plate (ditto on the haves). Also it should be noted I have neither jumbo candles, displayable fruit or little cakes at the moment. I made the logically sad choice.


Grantham Lynn said...

Don't you love bargains! You had some great deals there. Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog.