Thursday, July 10, 2014

I carry my own wrapping supplies, thank you

Check it out guys:

Reusable bag AND wrap! This means the Salvation Army can stop giving me quarter sheets of newspaper and letting me chip stuff all the way home.

Sundae cups - .79 each
Giants glasses - .79 each
Padilla mug set - 3.99

Aren't they pretty? I used to dislike pink but depression glass has made me appreciate it.

We're Giants fans so I bought these 1992 glasses.

Giants stuff is normally overpriced in NJ so I hope its overpriced on eBay too.

I really liked this set and even thought to myself "Its so cool they made this an odd number, I love odd numbers!"

Then this annoying fellow customer said  "You're missing a cup" and now I can't stop seeing the missing one. ARGH!

I kinda love them and their space saving capabilities - even if the wood holder is ugly. BTW - do you SEE how much tape my Salvation Army uses!? Its not the cheap stuff either - this would hold moving boxes together.

My favorite mug is on the left - nothing special - Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, etc sell it for $2-$3. I have 3 of them because I like tea and doing dishes in bulk. My husband's favorite mug is on the right. These gorgeous mugs are somewhere in the middle but five of them take as much space as two regulars.

I may keep them.
but not look on eBay for the 6th mug because I have standards!

In other news the SA had a ton of white glass out today - including a set identical to this Indiana glass one. The cups were .99 each and the HEAVY jar 5.99. I deliberated but I used to have the matching bowl and it was not worth much. I'm glad I passed because eBay is trying to unload the set for $19.99 - sans luck.

Remember my ancient post on glass blocks? Guess the trend is over because a bunch of these were at the Salvation Army today.

I have plants on my mind and you guys know how much I love silver circles but I passed on this one.

I audibly WOW'ed when I saw this piece:

It had just arrived so didn't have a price and I'd have to pay someone to get it home but WOW. It would be perfect in our basement. The more I look at it, the more I want it *sigh*

I am sharing at Thrifty Things Friday - who I appreciate posting on Thursdays:


Rita C. said...

Hi Anny, thank you for the comment on my post about the fence posts on Melissa's TTF feature. I'm not sure why you weren't able to comment (my loss), but I appreciate the encouragement for the roadside pickups.
I carry my own wrap with me too (and boxes)! Whenever my sister(s) and I go to an auction or flea market it is especially helpful. Can't stand newspaper - it's the worst! You've got some great finds there!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You have to go back and get that table. It is awesome!

Melissa said...

Anny I always carry my own wrap too! I cut up old vintage linens/sheets that are too far gone to save to resell. I don't ever use newspaper because if I keep the items wrapped for a long time and forget about them - newspaper attracts bugs!!

Thanks for sharing at TTF!