Saturday, July 12, 2014

eBay we had a townwide sale & I need more free listings!

Last September my brother's city had a townwide garage sale day and I didn't have enough money but I bought a bunch of stuff I LOVE (and loved selling). Unfortunately I ran out of money before I could sale in earnest. Well today was my town's sale and I was ready:

This will be the most image laden post in the history of

Two dud garage sales in I bought Shrek 3 for $1 and was starting to worry. There weren't as many signs as I expected. However this sale was on a cul de saccy road so I drove up a little to make a U turn back and spotted my first garage sale sign. Things blew up then!

$1 easel for my niece to play with outside. It folds and has a little tray.

Across the street and two doors down:

$2 - two hanging baskets. I told my husband I want to get shepherd's hooks so I can hang baskets...two days later I found the baskets first!
$1 - large jar of shells
.50 small jar of shells and decorative rocks
.50 Partylite candle holder (eBay)

I have too many seashells. Remember the apothecary jar I bought last year full of shells? I finally sorted them out and have way more than I need. Bad buy even though the price was too good to pass up!

Right around the corner was a moving sale. It was a lot of furniture and stuff I didn't want.
.50 Craft thread (eBay)

I unloaded into my car and walked down a block where I could see a sale:

$1 - Pyrex carafe (eBay)
$1 - 4 tubes of Liquid Nails SCORE!

I'm surprised this was still out a few hours into the sale.

Maybe because the inside of the outer silver band has some rust? It seems inevitable with this type of design.

About 3 doors down was a very overwhelmed guy manning a sale. He didn't even have newspaper or anything for me to wrap my glasses in!

$3 - 9 mix of NY Jets and NY Giants glasses
$1 - 3 Feminine glasses without a maker's mark

I thought they were all Jets

but when I unpacked at home there were 2 Giants mixed in

These are probably Target or something as innocuous but I still liked them.

This sale was a few houses past the glasses guy. I could see it was all toys and was carrying a lot of unpadded, heavy glass but figured I was closer to that sale than my car so went on. I don't normally buy too much at kid sales but did I today!

$6 - ALL THOSE TOYS (all for eBay minus the Babysitting Mama Wii)

All the Webkinz have tags but I need to research how to tell if they've been redeemed or not. This elephant has a tag for naming a star whatever you want - and its still sealed!

Sidenote: That name a star thing was such a crock. I'm surprised they didn't try to sell the naming of grains of sand next.

This LPS has a tag insinuating it also has interactive games. I'm supposed to buy all LPS stuff for easy flips but this is the first time I see any since I learned that.

I grabbed all the webkinz with tags even though there were some pretty ugly ones - including this one. Its designed to lay flat and has weird facial hair. Is it a dog?

Webkinz aren't cheap.

These were part of the lot. The Wii doll game is for my niece. They were on sale at Five Below...for $5 a few years ago and people complained it wasn't fun. Hopefully it will be fun for her!

By now I'd trudged back to my car and was driving away. At the end of the block was a sale advertising all funds would go to charity so I knew it would be overpriced.

.25 photo album - got home and realized it only has 4 inserts and was supposed to have 10. I guess it will be in my garage sale next!

I'd told my aunts about the garage sales yesterday and asked if they wanted to go. By now it was around 11am so I went home, unloaded my car and went to pick them up - with stops for sales along the way - of course.

$7 - the lot above (all for eBay)

Maybe that HUGE Pooh will go in the garage sale. Its tush tag is from the Disney store and says $45 but I have to see if shipping will be worth it.

The melamine cups are cute but there are twice as many saucers as cups.

This little tupperware tray has a screw on holder. Is this for fancy picnics?

My last Pooh mug hasn't sold on eBay yet but maybe I can lot them up.

$4 - Latch hook set

Ironically, purchased at the next sale. I always say I like selling these kits.

This sale may have been the last sale in my town before crossing the border to the next town!

.25 each - tub of sidewalk chalk (niece) and vintage Cabbage Patch figurines

They are static but I like the movement in this one anyway.

This one is my favorite.

One had a broken ponytail so she threw it in for free. I didn't realize the bedtime one was broken until I got home and found the pony in the box they'd been stored in. Oh well!

Only one had the original price on it. Saling stuff likes this strengthens my resolve to never collect nonsense at retail cost. Although I guess if she got 30 years worth of enjoyment the original output was justified.

Believe it or not by now an hour had passed since I'd said I would go pick up my aunts! Yet by the time I got there they were still eating and puttering so we didn't actually leave until close to 1.

$1 - Movie reel dust catcher for our basement movie room (seen in situ)

For a dollar if we get sick of it later I won't mind ditching it.

Since I was in the basement putting stuff away I figured I'd photograph some of those shells I mentioned. Here are some in a patriotic star. They are sitting on an extra board game board because I try to keep these lovely tables scratch free but haven't figured out how to do that yet. Maybe glass or acrylic.

Here are some on a dish as a centerpiece on the kitchen table.

Here are the ones displaced by the movie reel prop sitting in that SA bowl.

Yep, I have too many shells.

Next sale:

$1 - Citronella candle because its always cheaper to sale these than buy in store.

I'd been to this sale before but the only thing I can remember buying was a propane tank for my brother so nothing to link to.

Drove a bit further down:

$2 - decorative bowl for me

Ironically this was at the mean lady's house who I bought those candle holders from last year. I probably wouldn't have gone if I hadn't been with my aunts and already parked. Ironically she was not mean this year although weirdly enough, her entire family was sitting on the stoop the whole time.

Across the street, halfway down the block:

.50 MURANO duck - YES!!! (obviously eBay)
$1 - Heavy green dish

What are these called? I've seen them in stores.

This is the bottom. It looks like the marks go straight through and the gold is painted on. Maybe its stone of some sort? I really like it.

Lisa suggested its a malachite bowl and I hope she's right! If so, I really lucked out at this sale :D

Estate Sale driving further up the road:

$8 - 3 Chips & dips (eBay), 2 Fire King mugs (eBay) and a quirky measuring cup for me

My aunts were aghast I was buying such dirty cups. This is why I don't tell them about the Salvation Army! They were also wondering at how everything in the entire house was for sale and had fun poking in the garage, second floor and basement. They decided the owners must be moving but I didn't have the heart to tell them they'd probably died.

The measuring cup has three spouts! I've never seen one like this. I have a normally sized measuring cup and plastic cups for dry goods and small quantities but this will be handy for when I don't want to dig for the big one or worse - dirty a bunch of little cups for stuff like oil and water.

The chips and dips are all brand new with stickers attached! WTF.

Who has THREE identical sets and never uses even one!?

The packaging is different but its the same name and item number.


By now my aunts were tired and our car was full thanks to all our shopping and their buying TWO large baskets. I don't even look at garage sale baskets so it was weird to see them buying them.

$1 - copper watering pot for me and UPS mug for eBay.

Worst slogan ever!

I am keeping the copper watering pot because its pretty, not worth much and will let me water the World's Shortest Bamboo without spilling.

This bamboo was turning yellow a few months ago so I chopped off most of the stalk and put it in that vase I never identified. As you can see it rooted like crazy but absorbs a ton of water.

I can also use it to water my seedlings without getting their leaves wet. You are looking at sunflowers, pumpkins and an unidentifed plant which keeps popping up in my garden so I planted it to see what it looks like when mature. Its the one in the blue pot at the bottom - anyone know what it is?

One of the hibiscuses is still blooming once a day. We're down to very few buds so I'm curiously watching.

I cut the browning leaves off the other plant and the rest seem to have stopped browning plus it has these little buds I am optimistically watching.

and that was my fabulous Saturday. How was yours?

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Lisa Richardson said...

The green bowl might be malachite. My spelling may be off. It is very pretty and may have value.

Anny said...

I think you are right!

We are: Clamco said...

Anny, when you find out how to tell if Webkinz codes have been used, can you post an update? I've recently bought a few and I don't even know what those codes are for.
I also got an ugly little LPS dog plush. When you pull on the LPS tag on its butt, a long fabric ribbon comes out with a code on it. What is that?

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Wow!! Lot's of great finds!! I live about 20 miles a way from a larger city that has neighborhood sales almost every weekend through the summer months. I love them. It's so nice to have all those sales in one area instead of having to drive here, there, and everywhere.

Revi said...

I think Lisa is right - it looks like malachite. Love it! Thanks for sharing with us at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!