Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cutting it up at the thrifts

I shouldn't be thrifting with so much unlisted merchandise but I've found so much awesome stuff at the Salvation Army I keep going back for more. I may even find jadeite dinner plates one day!

I went in today with an "if its not awesome, don't buy it" mentality and look at what I found:

Hummel frame - 1.49
Towel rack - 2.99
Coffee warmer - 3.99
2 sets of Cutco knives - 7.99 each
Flower pot - .49

I'd been pricing larger pots for the hibiscus so I know how expensive they are. Isn't this one gorgeous? I will check the FS initials first (just in case) then stuff it with dirt and let it sit in the rain.

There are water spots and the handles look ancient but the metal is pristine. The middle one fits in the slot but has a different type of handle.

This is the other set. Look at the knife third from the left - what is such a weird, round, long knife for?

While on winter break in college I responded to one of those newspaper ads for "$18/hour, part time work" ads and ended up at a Cutco interview. I never sold Cutco but was offered a receptionist job at that interview. It paid less than $18 but was fun while it lasted.

My last two Hummel kits haven't sold although Facebook keeps telling me to buy it. The last time Hummel kits were mentioned it was by someone who said she's had great luck selling completed kits. This one looks completed to me!

I kept waffling but the quality on this finally won me over.

Its a pot with a space underneath for (I suppose) a tea light to keep the beverage warm. The whole thing is intricate and beautifully built. Best of all - there isn't rust inside the band like my Pyrex pot from Saturday!

Unfortunately when I got home and googled it they were going for about $20 - except that one guy who has one listed for $120 because of his supposed crack addiction.

The towel rack is super nice with ceramic ends and was destined for my parent's basement. However the top part looked a little wide to me once I got it home.

Amazon said these are meant for going over glass shower doors - like I had in my last apartment. Bummer, guess I will try Facebook.

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