Monday, July 14, 2014

Check it out - boxes for flat rate envelopes!

I blogged about similar boxes back in January but those cost $1.70 each - negating any savings in using a flat rate envelope.

The ones I ordered were $6.90 for 25!

I get so many boxes of boxes.

9x6x3 Amazon reviews said they were flimsy but I disagree. The cardboard used is thicker than the one the boxes shipped in. I wouldn't hesitate to ship a small breakable in this without the flat rate envelope buffer.

This fit was pretty darned exact. (The bubbling at the center is because I didn't tape the box shut.) The bag seals shut without any stretching or distorting.

Action packed side view.

These are a welcome addition to my shipping "stuff." At .27 each and paired with my eBay shipping discount I could end up saving a decent amount on shipping. I ordered from Amazon but you know how often their prices fluctuate. Right now they are $6.90 for 25.

Now if you hear of boxes which can hold mugs and fit in flat rate envelopes let me know right away! I've FOMO'ed but the worry isn't worth the savings.