Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What it sold for: the I almost forgot edition

I dropped a bunch of my prices this week in order to undercut and try to get sales before "giving it away" at a garage sale. Today is also the last day of the most current eBay free listing promotion.

Paid .49 or .79, sold for $9.10

Paid .25, sold for $11.70

Paid .99, sold for $8

Paid .50 or .75, sold for $9

Paid 2.99 each, sold as a lot for $30

Paid .49, sold for $7

Paid .50, sold first week for $26

Paid .29, sold for $11.70

Its nice to see mug season isn't over!


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

What brand is that top mug? It's so pretty!

Anny said...

Dutch Wax - its pretty but apparently super common. I bought it because the peacock was my college mascot so I'm drawn to them :D