Saturday, June 21, 2014

What a fun saling time

I really like "incidental saling." I had to run an errand about twenty minutes away so I saled along that route instead of my usual path.

Unfortunately that route also took me to a garage sale I've visited at least 8 times in the past five years. EVERY time I realize what house it is after following the signs and parking. So EVERY time I go look and never buy. The owner is an old lady with oddball collectibles and overpriced kids stuff. This time she had about 50 boxed 3 Stooges plates.

No thanks, ma'am.

I never go to the Salvation Army on weekends but it was on the way so:

5.99 Manfrotto tripod
1.99 Dunkin Donuts thermos
1.99 Target ghost lights
1.49 Copper bowl
.49 Teacher mug
.49 Solo cups

How sweet is that Manfrotto tripod? I used to have a fancy tripod in my serious photography days but craigslisted it. I recently bought a cheesy one from Office Depot but never used it because once you use a real tripod you won't want to use anything else.

I may keep this as it could save me eBay time. Things like mugs don't need new composition, just turnings and shootings. I have a remote cable so theoretically I could set it up, click, click, click and be done.

The Solo cups came with a refill coupon...which expired in 1974!

My husband teaches so I bought this mug. Tell me I'm wrong and it WON'T sit around for a year trying to sell.

This bowl is so beautiful I want me to have it. Unfortunately Me has too much beautiful stuff so its going on eBay.

Garage Sale Purchase #1:
.99 tea light holder

I'm photographing this one on the floor because the sale was awful. From the street it looked great - there were four tents set up with tables underneath. It was packed with stuff and there were tubs with even more stuff on the floor.

Then I got closer and realized all the stuff had been outside for a while because it had all been rained on! We live in NJ not the west coast! Leave stuff outside for a few days and IT WILL get rained on.

Anyway I really liked this holder so I'm just going to soak it in soapy water and give it a nice scrub.

Next Sale:
3.00 cassette recorder
2.00 group of metal Jacks
.50 vintage 3x pantyhose
.50 citronella candle
.50 hot trivet (how I love typography)
.25 paper fan

Love! The larger one has some rust around the nose and eyes so maybe it was used outside. The smaller ones are in great shape.

Look at how cute it looks with a solar "hat" made from yesterday's lights.

Last Sale:
$5 Starbucks single serve coffee maker
$1 push blocks into cube game for niece
.50 Carebear

I think the coffee is brewed right into this? The internet knows.

The citronella candle is pretty large. Here it is chilling by my hammock with the fan. Its not even fan weather tonight - I just dig props. I also dig knowing everything in this photo cost less than $10 altogether thrifted.

Saling is so fun, as I told Sir Thrifty:


Danavee said...

I LOVE that copper compote! That would be HARD NOT to keep!