Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wait til you see this joint! is a great source for decor inspiration and they really delivered with this Vancouver post:

I LOVE the open glass shelves next to the stove's exhaust. LOVE. LOVE. I'm a large fan of two tone cabinets and the textured glass gives the impression of open shelving without all the fun dust accumulations. Plus how clean is that upper row of brown cabinets? LOVE.

This isn't really my style but it was too clever not to share: “I had the entire floor designed beforehand, and my husband and I came up with approximately 60 words that are hidden in the floor,” she says. The words include cities they have lived in, family members’ names and inside jokes.

See the birds decal in the skylight?

I'd rather star at that wall than the Scrabble floor. Lucky guys!

I guess a perk of designing your own home is you get to throw in funky windows. I like the floor too. Its an understated punch.