Monday, June 16, 2014

Thrifting on Mondays? Meh.

The Salvation Army sucks on Mondays. They sell out of stuff over the weekend and on Monday spend the day pricing instead of stocking. Still its right next to the post office and if I need to mail out an eBayable I may as well go look ;)


I know these are only $10 at Rite Aid ($8 after my discount) so not a tremendous savings but it matches my hammock and I'd been wanting a small table to set down magazines, iPad, beverages - the essentials. It was dusty (because Salvation Army) so I hosed it off when I got home and things were fine.

This $40 dresser has been calling me for over a week. The dressed itself is bland but THE MIRROR. Can you see the etchings? The metal corners? If it would good (instead of incredibly random) in my bedroom I would pay the $40 just for the mirror.