Sunday, June 22, 2014

So THAT'S who's been buying all the cooler vintage stuff!

Sunday saling isn't my norm but I didn't feel like being productive so:

Sale #1:

HUGE Ice bucket: $1
Pampered Chef baking pan: $1

See the Pepsi can for size comparison? These things are large! I plan to keep the ice bucket but will try to sell the pan locally. I don't want to mail that thing!

Inflatable ball pit for niece: $1

As I was driving back I saw a HUGE flea market at a local park. It was jammed packed, there weren't any parking spots and I hadn't been to a flea market in years.

About two hours later:

Jack water bottle: $1
Depression salt and pepper shakers: $4
Partylite fish candle holder: $1
Potted plant: $2
Vintage AA Cards: .50
5 Packs of seeds: $1

The fish has a chipped nose, which I didn't notice until I started washing it. The plant is an unknown outdoor perennial. The sellers said they have been dividing their plants and selling them at flea markets for 40 years! And to think 78% of our plants are annuals.

I guess these will be for next year. I may plant some sunflowers but its too late/crowded outside for new plants.

On the left are the Waterford salt and pepper shakers I saled about five years ago. Red is our favorite color and I like how dainty they are but I've never been a huge fan of the red plastic tops. These blue ones are larger and more in line with my current color preferences.

I had fun at the flea market and two hours of walking around was good exercise but there wasn't much for me to buy. Thrifting has made me super cheap(er). It was cool to see so much of the pyrex and depression glass I see on blogs in person and I even saw someone selling insulators! I know bloggers love buying them but I'd never seen one in person. They're much heavier than they look!

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Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Love those blue salt and pepper shakers.