Friday, June 27, 2014

So Garage Sales on Fridays are a thing now?

So this morning I responded to a post on my local facebook page to get these two cool chairs for free (more on that later). I'd also made plans to deliver some Wii games to another member of the group. He came by Monday when I was in the middle of weedapalooza and I'd misplaced the games! I felt awful because he came with three excited kids so I said when I found them I would drop them off.

On the way there I dropped by a blocklong sale (nothing for me) and a few little sales. Post-Wii drop-off I stopped into a sale where I bought all this stuff:

$2 for the lot
The D&D books are hardcover. I once bought some off a friend's wishlist and they were about $30!

The stained glass book

These coloring books are bananas. I have a friend in FL who would love them

$2 for a bunch of Little People and the toys right below

The toy portion of the sale was being handled by two kids and they said these were Little People farm animals. I don't think so guys!

Probably a bad buy since it only had one Weevil but I got caught up in how cute it is. My nieces are spoiled.

This table was $2 and it took the dad half an hour to get it in my car because the bolts had rusted (he got wd-40), then one was crooked, then the last part wouldn't disassemble. He finally gave me a bungee cord and I drove home DANGEROUSLY!

That's a lie, I drove to KMart and bought a $5.79 can of pink spray paint to paint the thing. I used points but it still felt too pricey.

Oh, then I got home and messaged the lady who gave me the chairs to say thank you. The moderator for the facebook page had messaged asking if I wanted to give away some lampshades I had listed. Apparently "Free Friday" is a thing they are trying out.

I don't want to give away my shades but I'll give away this sign my neighbors put on the curb with a "Free" sign last year:

I like it but if I put it out I feel as if the neighbors will always drive by and say "look its the people who took our sign!"

and that was my Friday. What about you? Are Friday sales common in your area?

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Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Friday sales are huge here. In fact, if I don't go saling on Friday, I miss all the good stuff.

laura sampson said...

oh it's the people who took our sign! made me laugh out loud!! hilarious--so how many folks are in your Facebook selling group? I run one in my area and we have 4,000 members it gets UNRULY sometimes--are you reselling the picnic table? they sell so WELL on Facebook!

laura sampson said...

oh and the friday this is big here too-and in fact Thursday is now a popular day! WHAT??

Anny said...

Nah I'm going to clean it up and keep it for our nieces. In spite of bugs and allergies I have this fantasy where everyone hangs in the yard having fun and making messes :D The group I post to is about two towns over with about 1700 members. Its pretty active but the moderator keeps on top of it all day long. I don't think she does anything BUT moderate.