Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturdays are the best days!

Did you notice I didn't thrift shop all week? I remembered how much better garage sales are!

.25 each - 2 Fire King mini bowls

This was at one of the sales I didn't buy anything at yesterday. The lady babysits and had multiples of almost everything a kid could want for sale - except a high chair! I need one for niece babysittal and she told me she would have one today, so I stopped by this am. Nada, she said it may be in her storage unit :(

The next sale was the sale I will end up having one day if I don't keep on top of eBaying and garage saling. Right at the entrance there was a box of $2 purses. I bought the left one for me. The one on the right is a dooney bourke suede but kinda dirty.

Why don't people take better care of their stuff!? I am leaning towards putting this right back into our garage sale. Do you think its just asking for trouble to list as an auction and really photograph how dirty it is? It was only $2 so no big loss but I don't want unhappy bidders hounding me.

They also had a table full of breakable items for .25 each!!!

I'm keeping these three. I've always wanted one of those fish in bags paperweights and you guys know how I feel about glass animals - this guy will be perfect for Easter!

I bought the little castle because I've been hearing a lot about fairy gardens lately. I've had this little scene sitting in a window forever.

but isn't is better with a castle!? I need to remove some of those rocks and get a smaller shell from my collection but otherwise? Love!

I think its an ashtray. Or maybe its a candy dish?

These are seriously the prettiest napkin holders ever. They are silver plated and the flower is made of glass. They will also need a bit of polishing before eBaying.

Here is glass I picked up from other tables at the same sale:

.50 large heart shaped box (hehe) for wrapping holiday candy in
.50 Courvoisier crystal decanter (eBay)
.10 glass jar with lid (garage sale)
.10 for 2 glass flowers (me I guess)

What are these for? They are moderately thick glass with holes in the center. Do I just stick them in the middle of decorative jars?

Oh and .75 for this 6" Lenox vase after I'd already paid. I left with two STUFFED bags for $7.75! Two quite fragile bags.

Next up was a church rummage sale. Normally these are way underpriced and full of quirk but this one was pathetic and overpriced.
$1 a board game
$2 for the sealed MLP dvd

I know eBay likes it but this looks like the most boring board game ever.

I came home to dump all these breakables because I was heading over towards my brother and niece's neck of the woods.

This sale was on my street. The kiddie chair was $1 and the vase below $2

Its about a foot wide and super tall. My niece asked what I'm going to do with it and I said fill it with pretty stuff. I don't need to be practical and justify stuff!

Speaking of niece I asked her if she wanted to go to two garage sales near her house with me. All she heard was "go with me" because she enthusiastically said yes. I asked if she knew what a garage sale was and she said its a sale for things you keep in the garage.

Good use of context clues but no. Also? That sounds like the most boring sale ever!

Soooo we get to the first sale and we're there for about half an hour - not because they had awesome stuff but because I was chilling with  the friendliest, most enthusiastic kindergartenner ever. She kept getting excited about stupid stuff I wasn't going to buy like Easter baskets and baby mobiles plus she was intent on befriending everyone.

$1 - Planter which is over a foot wide. The lady offered to rinse it off but I said nah, I was just going to refill it anyway
$3 - Qwirkle was sealed but then we played it
$2 - Disney just married ornament - obviously for eBay

This house was up the street from a pond so we walked over and looked at the ducks for a while. Fun times.

Next was a sale we didn't buy anything at (lots of midcentury pottery for $5 but I don't know what to look for) but we followed lots of turning signs to find. My niece loved this part and said it was like a big maze game. She's so cheery and positive!

Lastly was a moving sale at this gorgeous old home full of really cheap stuff I should have bought more of. I kept thinking of all the glass I had already bought this morning.

$1 - Pair of Lenox candle holders
.50 - Lenox crystal ornament
.50 - Crayons for my niece (at her house)
$1 - Tables below
Free - Teddy bears

These are bigger than they look - about two feet across. There is some light rusting my spray painting self wants to sand and paint but I want to use these outside so do I really need to put more work than a hosing into these?

The legs pop off and collapse. I love them!

I also love this little red stone detail on this ornament but its going on eBay. Our household can't have breakable ornaments.

I had so much fun today! Spending time with my niece was a wonderful bonus although she wasted a lot of time socializing and ooohed at all the wrong stuff and distracted me from buying ALL THE THINGS. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Also you know how I always end by saying "I really need to go list this!" well I've been a really good lister and have even sold some of last Saturday's booty already!

I'm linked to Sir Thrifty because its Saturday:


ThriftyGirl51 said...

Love the camping tables. You could probably spray the purse with spot cleaner and throw in washer on delicate and then hang it out to dry and it will be a lot cleaner.

Anny said...

Thanks for the advice! $2 isn't much too lose here :D