Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saling and Procrastinating

My husband is away for the weekend so I am trying to get a ton of stuff done. Today is the last day of the current eBay free listing promo and I am backlogged at least three weeks so there is much to do!

With that in mind I went saling:

$1 after about half an hour of looking for sales & dropping by the post office

It has the glass jar inset and I plan to remove that dumb purple ribbon. It reminds me of this one from 2011:

I want to put it next to the hammock for my outdoor chilling days,

After that I was almost home but decided on one more garage sale route. It was POURING all week so most folks must have expected the same today and put off their sales. Only crappy sellers were out.

$5 at the second sale I purchased something at. This one has a fitted waist but hanging looks rather shapeless.

I have good luck buying new garage sale coats. Remember my adorable red one and the black one I went back for? The black one is my default "take me seriously" winter coat.

$1 an item

This lady had about 100 sealed board games at $3 each and open for $1. She also had five copies of beauty and the beast! I asked what was up and she says she works for Catholic Charities and buys too much stuff from them. Seems like a good gig. Connect 4 is for my niece (on top of the other 20  games I bought 2 days ago).

I need to go mow before it starts raining again. My husband did the front yard but I was weeding the flowerbed and my allergies were acting up so I asked him to hold off. Now we're overdue for a mow AND some deadheading roses. I just found out I'm supposed to deadhead pansies too. Enjoy the shade pansies because next year you'll be replaced by less demanding flowers!

Speaking of less demanding - I picked up this Mother in Law's Tongue plant for $5 at Lowes. The planter is $20 and cart $5.50 at KMart through today. Plus they had $10 off $25 and a $3 off $15 gardening promo all mixed in. I want to leave the plant in the plastic planter because these things like being root bound and I killed one of them years ago. Amanda just blogged about her plant too. Her planter's shape is awesome but I like this color more. I may throw some store bought rocks on mine too...once I find them!

I also procrastinated eBaying last night by poly'ing and putting up the shelves under our stairs in the basement. Its going to be a media closet one day.

Admire my poly work!

I put up the cuter, just as secure Ikea brackets but they look funny on the piece of wood the contractor put up. I will eventually fill in the holes, sand and paint it but it will always look too big. This is what happens when micro-managing doesn't happen.

Well I suppose that is enough dallying. I should go eBay something.

I'm hanging at Sir Thrift's: He just moved and I feel for his eBay moving pains. When we moved last year my eBayables ended up all over.


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

That's a beautiful coat! Nice find.