Sunday, June 8, 2014

Roses are so lovely

One of the best parts of going away for a week in June is leaving a rose bush full of buds and returning to this:

That's our niece, the model/marveller.

We haven't done much "permanent" landscaping at Forever Home because I am indecisive. My last home had at least ten rose bushes in all colors (even orange and purple!) and they were a pain to deadhead plus they loved sprawling.

So far we put down two azaleas and two mums I bought last fall without realizing they are perenials in our area.

Our neighbors also left us this perenial surprise. I found its name by googling "white flower looks like carnation" but can't find it again. My neighbor has a LARGE pink variation of this.

There was also a surprise lily vine.

Other than that we haven't planted much. I threw in some pansies, impatiens and greenery annuals to keep weeds at bay. They should look nice when they fill in plus they buy us another year for plant decisions!

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Dawn WeCallItJunkin said...

Is your carnation-like flower a peony, maybe? I'm no expert but it kind of looks like a peony to me. Your niece is darling. Thank you for sharing at History & Home, take care. Dawn @ We Call It