Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: KMart solar lights, Manfrotto tripod and a little Canon to boot

GUYS remember I bought those cheap solar lights at KMart last week? THEY ARE AWESOME! Plus they are still on sale for $8.49 for six.

Our garage has a mini patio attachment and a border about a foot deep around that. I've planted some annuals while waiting to see if they had any perennials waiting to pop up. I went outside with my Canon Rebel T3 last night and shot in night mode:

Oops! That Canon is so nice it doesn't even need a tripod to do this!

Look at how bright those lights are.

I'm a minimalism fan so I wasn't sure about the facets on these bulbs. Turns out the radials are rad!

This was when I started considering going to the 2nd floor for that tripod I bought this weekend.

Yeah definitely tripod time.

I still have that light in a basket hanging from here. Whenever I finish the chandy I will swap it out.

Gotta love that pattern

Tripod pictures are much better.

Gratuity shots

The light reaches so far. Also I need to weed.

I'm always undecided about keeping expensive stuff but I'm keeping this one. See how the handle is angled up? When I switched from shooting the roof to shooting the ground I instinctively rotated the handle to angle it down AND IT WORKED!

Angled down

My old Bogan didn't have this sweet rotating action

Its a Manfrotto 3001BN body

With a Manfrotto 3126 head. I paid $5.99 at the Salvation Army this weekend. SCORE

When using a tripod I use my Canon RS60-E3 switch. My Amazon history shows I bought this in April 2001 so its been mine for 13 years! I used it with my old SLR all through college when I was into artsy scenic shots. It was nice of Canon to keep the same technology so I could continue using it on my DSLR when digital tech happened. There's not much to say about it - you press halfway to focus, all the way to shoot and if you press and slide the switch up it goes into continuous shooting mode. This was handy back when I shot sports for the school paper.

Here they are in the morning.

and here is a pretty geranium in one of the .25 pots from last year. Bonus picture!