Sunday, June 29, 2014

Post Nap Report

I ran some errands this morning, saled, then weeded and plant puttered. Then I lay down on the hammock and fell asleep. Life is so pleasant :)

2 Hulas to keep - .25 each
3x pantyhose for eBay - $1

I dropped into this sale on the way to buy groceries. The driveway was pretty packed - never a good sign for deals on a Sunday. Sure enough, everything priced was overpriced. I asked about these next two and was pleasantly surprised.

Mario for Wii & Heart cut outter - $5

I bought this game when it was new for $50 and it looks like eBay will still ask $18ish for it. This one is for my niece though.

I set up yesterday's planter with a sadly performing begonia transplant. I moved two others to containers the other day and they were happier than in the ground so hopefully that sticks. Any idea what those three little spiny plants are? They were in the weeds so I stuck them in the container to give these time to germinate:

Remember those seeds from a week ago? I think a red begonia surrounded by white cascading flowes would be lovely!

I planted a seed in one of my pots last week but darned if I remember wether its a sunflower or a pumpkin! Anything planted in the ground was pulled up by pesky squirrels and rabbits so I resorted to this elevated pot. I think its a sunflower.

Here are the begonias I mentioned before chilling on our stoop. I'd waterred them, then moved them so they're rather muddy. The next waterring will handle that - its the great outdoors after all!

Apparently they like excessive sun and not being waterred. Done and done. Those lovely white pots I bought last year don't have drainage holes (drats) and retain heat so the begonias love them.

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