Friday, June 20, 2014

Outdoor Talk

I swung by KMart for those solar lights I talked about yesterday. I was unsure of what color to spray paint the chandelier but KMart made the decision easy:

$1.50 for green? Sold. I also picked up the small can of primer because I should be using it whenever I patch stuff but usually don't. Also - Clearance

I'm glad I went with the nicer stainless steel lights instead of plastic ones from the Dollar Tree. I wager I will be able to stick these right on the chandelier after its been sprayed. Boxes of six are $8.49 through tomorrow and KMart sent me a $3 off $15 coupon so I bought two. Extras can always go in the ground *gasp*

The plastic tabs make unsnapping a ... snap. Consumers need to do it anyway to remove the battery tab and get it to start working.

I dropped one right in the glass jar from last week's lantern.

I stained the wicker with some leftover stain from our basement stairs. Its been sitting on this hook outside for a week and still feels tacky. I guess I should have primed ;)

Remember I deadheaded the pansies earlier in the week? They EXPLODED this week. I will definitely be deadheading weekly to keep them going all summer.

How cool is that?

Even our surprise lily bloomed again. I thought these were one trick ponies and hadn't even deadheaded the old blooms.

By the time I played with the flowers for a bit it was dusky and the light...lit:


I put the plastic base back on and stuck the whole thing in the jar. The clear plastic really refracts the tiny bulb!

Much brighter!

I will report back on how long the lights last. Today wouldn't be a fair assessment since it didn't receive a full day's worth of light. Also I think I will remove the glass jar inset. Its just begging for rain to be caught in there.