Thursday, June 12, 2014

Oh oh, I bought more for me than for eBay

Here is the rest of yesterday's haul. This was from the Salvation Army on the way to the little thrift store. My car must have looked like a hoarder's after those trips!

Keurig spinner - 1.99
Purple bowls - .49 each
Glass bowl - .49
Lion King mug - .29 (eBay)
Pyrex butter dish - .99 (eBay)

Bar cart - 7.99

Its a tad disassembled because I was going to put it in my trunk but then realized it would fit in the backseat. I want to stain it darker to match our basement and use it as a snack tray. Its solid wood and very sturdy with wheels - perfect! Also it looks like it originally came with a bottom tray. We'll see what I do with that.

They had matching plates for .99 but I don't need more plates. Or bowls. I got them because they remind me of the red ones I just bought (and haven't used either). I need to start cooking so I can break out all my fancy stuff.

Speaking of fancy! How lovely is this one? Its really sturdy and deep too. It would make an awesome candy dish if one of our most frequent visitors weren't 1.5 year old.

from the Didn't Buy Chronicles:

This owly keurig holder is so cute! It was 1.99 but taller than I could use.

These gorgeous pots were about the size of a soda can but once you pack dirt in them they don't look as nice plus they didn't have a hole in the bottom for water to run out and that's just begging for root rot and I have over a dozen pots I'm not using already.

You're right, I should have bought them.

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laura sampson said...

you could have sold the owl kuerig cup holder on ebay for a sweet easy sale!