Thursday, June 19, 2014

Let's discuss solar lighting

Remember that chandy I saled last fall for $5? I'm finally ready to set it up outside!

Of course I can't just go set it up - I need to pinterest and google first. Here are some wickedly clever ideas other folks came up with:

This is an overturned flower basket suspended from flower hanging hooks:

Ever notice how much stuff on Pinterest lacks attribute? This one is a ceiling globe spray painted blue and tied. The blue really fooled me - I didn't even realize what it was at first.

A lot of people are sticking lights unto thrift store glass and making weird vases to stick on table and in gardens.

I like the one inside a lampshade more:

and these are the wrong season but too cute to ignore:

KMart has a six pack of these on sale for $8.49 from 19.99:

I'm hoping stainless steel means they will last longer. I haven't decided on what color to spray paint the chandy yet. Its currently that old gold color but our house is tan and that sounds bland. I'm leaning towards my favorite mint green or the ever trendy aqua. Maybe copper? We'll see what Kmart has in stock.


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Some people are so darn creative. I feel super inadequate when I go to pinterest, but those are all really good ideas.
FYI, after reading how the ebay scavengers were forced to change theri blog name, I decided not to wait for my letter from ebay. My new blog name is Garage Sale Heaven and the url is If you could make the update on your blogroll or if you subscribe, I would really appreciate it :)