Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last day of volunteering

So last week while I was away the Little Thrift Store had a bag sale - fill a bag for $4. Apparently things didn't go so great because this week they had a "all shoes and clothing .10" sale. I walked in and the place was PACKED! Folks were walking out with trash bags full crammed for under $10.

This is my last volunteering day too. The store follows the school calendar so they close for the summer. Tomorrow is technically the last day and Tuesday we are going in to clean up and kinda prepare for next year but today was my last shopping day.

Board games were .25 each:

"an ancient Egyptian funerary game" Creepy.

Check out the retro graphics!

I prefer modern Candy Land, this one looks too simple.

I need a new dress for an August wedding (invite just arrived) so I grabbed 3 I thought might fit. Clothing was .10 and it was crowded so I just bought them to try on at home. For the record - none fit LOL

Rest of the candles I bought the other week - $1
2 sets of crystal candle holders - .50 a pair
Precious Memories wedding box - .25

I probably burn too many candles.

I was surprised these were still here. They had wax on them but it was an easy clean-up.


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