Friday, June 13, 2014

Isn't thrifting the perfect thing awesome?

I thrifted a Keurig cups holder yesterday to go with my 3 years ago Keurig. My husband mocked me cause I'd often mocked them as unitaskers. What I didn't realize was I had way more kitchen cabinets than I needed at my last two apartments. Forever Home has fewer cabinets and I make it worse by bringing home mugs and bowls.

I'd been keeping orphan k cups in an M&M cookie jar an aunt gave me years ago. Adorable and practical:

Unfortunately its a few inches shorter than my (fixed) cabinet shelving so vertical real estate was being wasted.

Ta da! The spinner has perhaps half an inch of clearance and since it spins nothing's existence is forgotten. Best of all - the orphans and remains of other boxes all fit on it with room to spare!

Although to be honest - I barely use the K Cups. I prefer brewing the regular stuff in the K Cup holder. Luckily our new spinner fits behind all of my current favorite teas! Well and the shelf above it is where I keep the Chais. Recognize the oggi container and glass jar? My spending dollars go to garage sales not retail stores!

Here is my husband's much more modest tea corner. Lipton and fake sugar for my guy!