Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cleaning and Cluttering

The Little Thrift Store is closed for the summer but we went in yesterday to clean and organize. They are going to buff the floors and paint the wall so we had to move stuff out of the way. The manager told us to take what we wanted as we organized so of course I volunteered to work on the board games. I got a ton last week but think games are fun and would love to play more!

This is a standalone game which plugs into the tv without a console.

Rest of the loot.

Secrets looks like fun! It asks you a question and you either tell the truth or make up a story. The other guys have to decide wether to call your bluff.

Sadly Jeff Gordon lacks some piece including that cool stopwatch. I will probably put it in the garage sale for free. The DDR game is just a dvd game you play while jumping on a plastic pad. Glad it was free!

I'd been eyeing this vase for a bit.

The only similar one I could find is $28 on etsy so I may end up keeping it. Etsy is generally pricier than eBay.

My uber girly kindergarten niece LOVED this. Players spin and land on squares telling them to add or subtract pieces of jewelry. Whoever completes their jewelry set first wins.

There was an extra vintage Candy Land board in the pile so I bought it home maybe for decoration.

Whilst making sure eBay didn't want the board I found this awesome metal packaging vintage edition. I'm a sucker for cool packaging but will have to pass.

I swung by the Salvation Army on the way home and bought what I thought was a milk glass mug for .49. When I took off the SA label it said Avon below. They got me again Batman!

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