Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What it sold for: A week behind

I was too busy to post last Tuesday so here are two week's worth of sales. I sold 23 items - 11 were thrifted for eBay, 9 were purchased at retail stores for eBay and 3 were unclutters from around the house.

I especially love the house unclutter sales!

Paid 1.44, sold for $10

Paid $4.99, accepted best offer of $20

Paid .49 each, sold for $22 about five months later

Paid .79 each sold for $10 and broke in transit
The buyer contacted me threatening to open a case, etc. etc. and ended by saying he expected it to be resolved quickly without "hemming and hawing." He's probably been burned before and may have expected his message to be met with somber silence but instead I laughed til my tummy hurt. It was $10 and insured by Priority Mail dude, chill. I immediately refunded and opened my USPS case.

Paid .79, sold for $8.50

Paid .29 or .49, sold for $9

Paid .25 or .50, sold for $9

Paid about $1 before Halloween, finally went for $5

Paid .25, sold for $9

Paid .99, sold for $11

Paid $6 or $7, sold for $35

eBay has picked up lately, lets hope it keeps going this way!