Monday, May 12, 2014

Ugh eBay has been such a PITA this week

Issue #1: This guy's cups broke in transit and he wanted a refund without any "hemming or hawwing"
Solution: Immediate refund, file an on-line USPS claim for priority package. Easy peasy

Issue #2: Mugs were shipped from NJ to Cali for $10 (actual cost) via priority mail. They arrived intact but the seller wants a $5 refund because they believe packaging was inadequate.
I Say: I am sorry you feel packaging was inadequate even though everything arrived safely. If you would like to return the mugs I accept all refunds. As stated in my returns policy shipping has already been paid to USPS so it cannot be refunded. Once I receive the mugs I will refund the $22 paid to me.
They Say: What a low life response. Get ready for some horrible feedback.  Loser does not even know how to package something. What are you like 6 years old? That explains why you are poor and have to sell junk on ebay.
Solution: Forward message to eBay because they are mean and feedback extortioning. Nothing has happened so far but hopefully eBay's having received the message will protect me from any negatives from this

Issue #3: I sell a Rollie for $15 with $45 (actual cost) shipping to Kuwait and ship April 4th, it arrives in Kuwait on April 10th and sits in customs. Buyer opens an eBay claim.
I: wait on hold with the USPS for 29 minutes and open an international case over the phone. The agents says Kuwait customs takes about 45 days but 32 is close enough. I have to provide the INSANELY long address in Kuwait, a description of the package (luckily I remember it being a priority mail shoe box sized box), my info, etc. He says investigations can take up to 24 days but sometimes just their looking will get the box released.

Hopefuly he is right because I'd hate having to reimburse the $45 shipping.

Some weeks it just pours.


mrs4jachi said...

feedback extortion= if they leave feedback you will need to call ebay

USPS international investigations= it will take 24 days to complete. and then you will get a letter in the mail. if it is deemed as "lost" international claims cant be filed online

Anny said...

Thanks Mrs4Jachi, I'd never filed an international claim before but did so over the phone this morning. Lets hope it gets resolved sooner than 24 days because this guy has messaged 4 times already. He waited over a month to contact then its 4 times in 3 hours - ugh!

SAHM Reseller said...

As much as I want to say "hang in there," I'm not going to. But I will say, this too shall pass!

I'm having one of those weeks too so I understand exactly where you are coming from -- only it's with Amazon and not eBay.

Hopefully you have other venues to focus on as well in the meantime.

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

I will go weeks without any issues, and then get 2-3 in a row. Definitely save the message he sent you. Don't delete it from your ebay inbox. You will need it as proof if he does leave a negative, and you need to call ebay. Also, you might consider the Global Shipping program for many countries. I use regular shipping for countries that purchase from me often and that I haven't had a problem with (Canada, Australia, Japan). Pretty much everything else goes through GSP. With GSP, you're only responsible for getting the item safely to Kentucky. Ebay takes full responsibility for the item from that point on. If it doesn't arrive at its destination or it arrives damaged, ebay refunds it- not you. You're also protected from negative feedback.

Anny said...

From now on I think I will stick to GSP. I've heard buyers complain about the high cost of GSP and figured I was safe using Priority Mail but apparently I'm not. Lesson learned!