Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Twice the Thrift

I'd been so good about not buying a ton of stuff at the little thrift store lately but that went out the window today!

Salvation Army on the way there:

Big Pyrex - .99
Medim Pyrex - .79
Lenox goblets - .99 each
Nurse mug - .29
Peacock mug - .79
Other mugs - .49
Astro shot glasses - .29 each

The big Pyrex has utensil marks on the outside

The medium has these burn marks. Any ideas on how to clean these? I've learned my lesson cleaning vintage stuff - Bar Keeper's Friend damages finishes!

The internet keeps telling me to buy Mad Men crap so here goes

I have a soft spot for my initial larger than the amount of cabinet space I have left for mugs. I may not be able to keep this one.

These are so cool! Sadly one is smaller than the rest. There was also an errant water glass in the same style but I passed on it.

Then I got to the Little Thrift Store. We have less than a month left open!

Electronic Clue - $1
Dansk mugs - .25 each
Scarves - .50 each
Dragon book ends - $3

I have the dragons loitering on our blu-ray shelf but eventually I want to put them on our new shelves in the basement holding up Wii games. Longtime readers will recognize pretty much everything on this shelf as being thrifted (except the bamboo and the candle). Planet Earth came from Swapadvd.

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Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I love the Gay Fad shot glasses. The internet is right.

And to clean, to me at least, that looks like dish washer residue... so people have been using Lemi Shine (Google it, I guess. I think spend thrift on instagram had a video..?). Toothpick for the grim if you can't get it with a sponge & if a sponge & Lemi doesn't do the trick with the utensil marks, Bar Keepers Friend.