Friday, May 16, 2014

Swapadvd is about to start charging - time to abandon ship?


Oh guys! I have terrible news! Starting Monday Swapadvd will be charging .49 every time someone orders a dvd/blu from their website!

This is certainly going to scare off new members - its hard enough to convince someone to mail off a dvd without getting something immediately back but the added charge is going to completely dissuade new members from joining - and if they don't join then who will post new media and order our old stuff!?


I'm going to try and stay positive. If something is wishlisted but the requestor doesn't have the .49 in their account it will automatically pass to the next wisher. Maybe this will bump me higher and I will get stuff from my wishlist sooner?

Its a disaster on the message boards - people are trying to sell their credits asap: and the thread on the upcoming changes already has over 100 posts:

I fear they've death knelled themselves on this one *sigh*