Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oh well, I have my first "official" negative feedback

Truth be told I've had negatives before but they've dropped off/been revised by now:

Remember the guy in California who was so mean about his unbroken mugs? ( He finally left negative feedback today:

"Terrible packaging, left 2/3 of the box empty so mugs smashed into each other."

Of course I called eBay immediately. The first rep was not very useful at all so I asked to speak with her supervisor.

The supervisor said because the feedback was based on packaging, which is purely subjective, they could not remove it. I asked if it counted as feedback extortion since he asked for a partial refund and then said he was going to leave a negative. She said technically it didn't because he said it in two separate messages so his feedback threat could be constituted as something else.

Then she forwarded his extra mean message to their securities department and said someone at eBay would be calling him to tell him to be nicer.

At the end of her call she tried to relate by saying she understood I was upset because the same thing happened to her - she had ALMOST 200 *giggle* feedback and then she got a negative due to USPS shipping delays. She said to try to stay positive and take a lesson from it.

So condescending.

I said I was trying really hard to find the lesson in this. Obviously I packed the mugs securely enough to have them cross the country and I was professional throughout. She said it was important to feel good about standing my ground and not giving in to refund requests.

And that's exactly how I ended up with a negative *rolls eyes*

So anyway I replied to his negative with: "Buyer messaged 13 days ago saying mugs arrived in perfect shape. Confusion?"

I'm ok with the negative, they drop off in 12 months and it only bought my feedback score down to 99.6. It would have been far more devastating if I had only 200 feedback *rolls eyes*