Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oh boy, its time to list

We've been in the middle of a very stressful family situation this week so I didn't thrift or list but we sure did shop today - 5 garage sales and rummage sales!

First up was a garage sale we happened across. The signage was bad but we made it!

$15 Kenmore vacuum

I've been wanting one of these because our upright is as portable as a block of ice and the Roomba refuses to clean stairs, molding or corners. I'm glad the universe heard me.

Next up was the sale we were trying to find - a church sale listed in the local paper.

.50 - Glasbake bowl
.25 flower pot
.25 each - candle holders
.25 pilsner glass
Free - frame for a project

My husband says he's never heard of this. I deferred cause honestly? Most of my "finds" are guesses based on stuff I kinda remember reading on-line.

Why isn't this stuff as popular as Pyrex? Its just as pretty and seems to have held up as long.

We were on our way back home when we ran across another church sale. Luckily my husband had eaten a cereal bar before leaving.

Schilz glass - .50

Inside was the true awesomeness - $5 for all of that - including the vintage Blendo chip and dip!!!

The world's creepiest shot glass.

Let's dip!

This other piece fits perfectly but I can't figure out its purpose. Other chips and dips on eBay only have the bowl. Could it be a ladel holder?

Right about now we ordered a pizza and headed homewards to pick it up.

Look another sale! It was rather chilly so I was surprised to find so many.

Puzzle - $2
Bowl - Free

After that $100 puzzle sale I buy ALL sealed puzzles. These sellers were super nice and I made up a story about how we love building puzzles because I felt bad saying "I think I can flip it on eBay." Do you lie to sellers?

Then because it was on the way we also stopped in again on the Friday sale.

Ceramic elf - .25
Spanish book - .25
Suncatcher - .25

The illustrations are neat.

I took this in the kitchen after the sun started setting. Picture Fail but pretty ownage win.

So that was our morning. We eventually came home with our pizza and started watching White Collar on Netflix. I love that show but only watched the first few seasons.

BTW - I linked this to the Nifty Thrifty.


laura sampson said...

I JUST bought a vac like that, brand new for around 300 bucks Sure it's newer but they last forever my old one was 14 years old and we just couldn't get parts anymore!

Anikó said...

love the spanich book - great illustrations! and a potentially massive profit on a $2 box of puzzle - sounds just wow!