Saturday, May 17, 2014

Last minute save!

I got up semi-early today to go to a local church's semi-annual sale. I went there four years ago and bought a bunch of kitchen stuff I still use:

Unfortunately this was the wrong sale. The church has an awesome thrift store in the back which winds up stairs with stained glass. At the top (the actuall store) its all curved walls and stained glass. Stuff is super cheap and odd. However I haven't been able to get in there for four years.

Like a nice church once a year they allow their congregation use of the lawn and lot to sell their own crap. Overpriced crap. That's the sale I went to.

Then I went to two normal garage sales.

Then I came home to pack up some ebayables and head to the post office. On the way back I ran into the chip and dip sale and finally started shopping:

Platter - $1
Utensil holder - $1
Hilborn pottery - .33
Fire King Plates - $2 for 4
Square candle - .33
Octagon mirror - .33

I bought this partly to make up for last year's platters which I have been unable to sell due to their awesomeness.

I bought this for me because octagon brass is cool and portholy. I don't know where to put it though so it may end up on eBay eventually anyway.

Is it Target? Is it vintage? IDK. Is it aqua and does it spin? Affirmative! I bought it for that outdoor eating life I keep wanting to have.

This was signed Hilborn in what looked like crayon. Turns out that's just how they sign it.

$3 but its shiny red!

If a candle melt takes 2 hours how long would 1 tea light take to melt a pound of chocolate? No wonder these only bring in $10 on eBay :(

I am linked to the Thiftasaurus because I like it: