Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Just a quiet day

Wednesday is volunteer at the little thrift store day. We've had so few customers the past few weeks. Last week we were monsooning but today the weather was perfect so who knows? Since it was so quiet I organized shelves and ended up buying some stuff which has been sitting around for a while.

Beatles tie
Oscar de la Renta tie
Elf on the Shelf book
Little book of Mom's
Small Picnic Basket
Subtotal: $3

We are expecting to babysit Saturday and I am hoping we can have a small picnic. Quite small since this basket is about a foot wide.

Gotta dig the hardware

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laura sampson said...

OH! micro basket is adorable! I love it. OK the Elf on a Shelf will sell well in November, will you sell it?

Anny said...

I try to sell everything all the time! One day I will find someone who will want to BUY everything all the time and I will be ecstatic :D

Until then - eBay