Monday, May 19, 2014

I bought some mosquito repelling plants on eBay

and they showed up in a box like this:

I was worried because I use the shoebox priority boxes often and the last time something broke it had been shipped in one of these boxes.

Then I realized the problem:

Two plants at the bottom of a box covered in styrofoam without any type of plastic around their base. Water soaked through the cardboard and weakened it.

Reviewers on Amazon said this guy's packaging was bad and they were right! One plant was on top of the other and the rest of the box was filled with peanuts. I've ordered plants on-line before and they show up wrapped in plastic and padded. This? Unimpressive.

My plants are blooming with peanuts!

Its too late and a little chilly by now so I will plant them outside tomorrow. They are supposed to be perennials. Hopefully these tiny plants will spread like the ones in the eBay posting: