Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hey wanna go buy stuff? Sure, let's go!

Yesterday's hauls; starting with the little thrift store

Candle with brass base - .25
Storybook - .25
Giants bib for niece - .25

2 kids games rockers - $6

They were donated by another volunteer and she scraped the top of one getting it in her car. I suggested we get grandma doilies to cover up the tears but my husband says we are a doily-free home. Other suggestions welcome - its vinyl material.

I immediately started burning the candle on one of the end tables. I get so sad when I go to a house with decorative candles they've never burned. Enjoy your stuff people!

Speaking on enjoyment - look at how lovely our bamboo is looking. The jar was from Marshal's in Boston on a trip and these stalks are a few years old now.

I also went to the Salvation Army because - why not?

Frame - .49
Big Hug Mug (!!!) - .49
Ornament - .29
Kite - .99

There were a lot of Target rejects yesterday.

This looks like the vintage Shortcake I watched as kid. My niece watches the current reboot.

I will probably velcro the frame on to this wall. I forget there is a wall phone jack here - imagine a 50s housewife takking away while doing dishes.

I thought about putting it on my nightstand but there isn't any space. I keep my iPad plugged in on the space in front of that radio.

This stuff is just Nifty Thrifty:


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Go with duct tape for the chair. it comes in every imaginable cover, and it's easy to clean. Yay on that Big Hug mug!! :)

Sarahmarymuffin said...

I would use black nail polish, it will cover it and seal the edges, or use a black vivid/sharpie and colour it in

Sarahmarymuffin said...
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Jenn said...

I know this is an older post, but I just wanted to let you know that your ornament is one of the newer ones. All the older Strawberry Shortcake stuff had her in a dress or skirt with red and white striped tights. She sadly didn't get to wear pants until the reboot a few years ago LOL