Friday, May 2, 2014

Hail Summer's Friday Garage Sales

Thrift stores are about to mean nothing to me friends.

$3 frog vase
.25 Lady head vase
.25 each - glass paperweights

Isn't she pretty? I'm keeping this one.

Check out the hole in the back - she could be an extremely breakable wall hanging!

We first ran across this garage sale on the way to Home Depot. I didn't buy this vase because $3 is more than I normally pay but I kept talking about it and we went back half an hour later. Luckily it was still there!

These have a small indentation on the top - very shallow. If I flip them you could put a very thin taper candle in it.

See what I mean? Round side down will hold a thin taper.

The lady running the sale said they are paperweights but she said it uncertainly so who knows.