Thursday, May 1, 2014

Everyone loves Frank Lloyd Wright...well maybe not his family

Don't you love hundred year old gossip? When I think of Wright I think of cosy wood homes with gorgeous skylights and unexpected windows. Then I think of him abandoning his wife and children to chill with a mistress overseas.

Well Apartment Therapy featured a tour of one of his protege's homes yesterday:

Its gorgeous and untouched and feels like a curated museum rather than a home but this really caught my eye:

That wood reminds me of the wood in our kitchen:

Now I feel like we should at least try to oil it and change the hardware. After the basement renovation stretched on for three months neither of us wants to undertake a new home construction project!


Alicia said...

There is a funeral home in I believe Delano, CA that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I've always meant to visit, just to see it and haven't. You just reminded me of that, I really should go see it!

David Robles said...

Star of David shape , a must see. Many services held there . Has served the area well .