Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A little thrifting never hurt anyone

I sold FIVE things on eBay today - pre-Christmas status! Although logically I know this means I won't be selling anything for at least 2 days I decided to shop after the post office:

Videos - .99 each
Baseball glove - .99
Santa - 1.49
Disney stein - .99
Disney mug - .79
Ashtray - 1.49
Tulip candle holder - .29
I have another sealed Jillian Michaels dvd from a garage sale last year. Time to bundle and sell!


I told my niece I'd gotten her a glove to learn how to catch. She told me we need to get a bat and bases. This is just like that time I gave a mouse a cookie...

Someone unloaded a bunch of Santas. I liked this guy's blue outfit plus we don't have a single Santa in all our Christmas stuff.

I realized the bear's ear was chipped after I got home. This means he stays with me!

Someone else donated a ton of Disney mugs but they were all overpriced or kinda bland. These two were at the corner of well priced and cute.

This ashtray has seen better days but I figured it was worth the $1.50 gamble.

And you guys should be proud of me! I didn't buy a single vase today!

This one was 1.99 and really solid but I am not a huge fan of square facets.

.29 each - staggered pairs! Still I resisted

and finally this adorable red bud vase stayed behind.

I finally realized I don't have flowers for all these vases I keep buying!

I told them all about it at Thrifter Sharer: http://thriftermakerfixerfarm.com/thrift/thrifter-share-24/


laura sampson said...

HA! didn't buy any vases...you know that'll come back to haunt you right? like oh I don't know the one you left behind is mega hard to find vintage vase and you SHOULD have bought it!

Margaret said...

Those are some great buys. I can't believe how cheap they are. I'm so glad garage sale season is here. I haven't gone to a thrift in probably a month..I miss it. LOL

I'm a collector of milk glass vases and I see one peeking there. They are usually so expensive at our thrifts. If it's $1.99 or less, then I pick it up for myself. But they are usually around $4.99...and rarely do I ever see one.