Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yeah, I went thrifting

I know I just said on Monday I was going to take a break from thrifting but I really missed it. I even volunteered yesterday and only bought shirts for personal use!

So today I snuck away to the Salvation Army:

4 AT&T Wine glasses - .29 each
Mad Mug - .49
3 Glass candle holders - 1.99 for the lot
American Girl trading album - 4.99

I've only successfully sold the American Airline branded cups last year. The Dodge glasses have been sitting but I feel good about these. Maybe someone will want to toast their new phone?

These were too cool to leave behind. I have a feeling they are "something."

The American Girl album was unpriced and the woman who prices said to ask at the register. The cashier called the manager who called the pricer again. It was a veritable caucus and the cashier suggested 7.99 but the manager went with 4.99.

At least it wasn't sharpied on the cover.

Did you see the video of Conan visiting the American Girl store? Conan is so much funnier than the rest of us.

Oh and even though I said mug season may be over and we should all start listing iced tea glasses I didn't mean these:

Those are just ugly.

In Oddball Collections News someone donated a bunch of sheep. None were marked and/or cute enough to come home though.


sooz - said...

I really like those little star candle holders (?) So pretty!