Wednesday, April 23, 2014

wo0ot new Spiderman USPS boxes arrived

My husband bought me an empty box from work to use as eBay packaging because he is a nice guy. USPS bought me about 100 boxes:

Ironically I only needed the top pack of "cube" boxes. The rest were "oooh branded" impulse orders from last week:

These were supposed to be eBay/USPS co-branded but they look like generic USPS boxes. Its probably better this way - there is much debate over wether people are more/less likely to steal an eBay branded box versus a generic USPS one.

Me? I'd go for the generic box and hope for something new. I know the stuff I sell and I wouldn't bother stealing it.

One side of a medium flat rate.

This is the other side. Looks the same but check the barcodes, they were just lazy with logos.

Speaking of logos and branding - "amazing package"

Moving on.

Generic address label side of the flatter medium flat rate

Cooler flip side. Bummer I can't remember the last time I used one of these :/

Large flat rate is a larger version of the medium

See? Same thing

Here are the ones I'm giving back to the post office tomorrow. Some regional As and Bs since January's shipping hike killed those, those wack reversible boxes from last year, generic medium and flat rates.
Should be fun.