Thursday, April 3, 2014

wo0ot my sales are back up!

I sold four things yesterday! They were all $15 and under but I am always glad to see stuff in the mail instead of the eBay room. I am going to keep up listing an item a day because I'm superstitious with a perpetual pile.

The DIY photographer in me loves these little plastic shadowboxes so much! I snagged four at the Salvation Army yesterday.

Frame shadowboxes - .29 each
Pink bowl - 1.99

Is it carnival glass?

Is it lustreware?
Did it come from TJ Maxx? I can't find it on eBay *ugh*

Ironically this matching frame was in the freebie box at the Little Thrift Store as soon as I walked in. I need a fun project for them.

Hello Kitty Build a Bear (second BAB I find at the little thrift shop - both times naked)
King sized throw to use on the couch
3 kids dvds for my niece
Hello Kitty frame for my niece
Mini Mickey frame
Lenox plates & bowls (below)
Total: $10

From this pile I will probably only eBay the mugs. I bet they make up the cost of all I spent today!