Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What it sold for: Whee Sales!!! edition

I sold 2-3 items DAILY this week! I've often read operating a store kills sales but mine were truly abysmal last month and now they've bounced back - without my doing anything special. Well I have been making an effort to list at least one new item daily but that's easy to do.

In any case here are some of the thrifted items which finally went to that blue box:

This was under $1 at the Habitat Store last year - Sold for $6.50

Paid .99 - Sold for $19

Bought for 1.99 - Sold for $12

Bought for .49 - Sold for $13 the first week

Paid .60 - Sold for $10

Paid .25 -  Sold for $8

Paid .25 - Sold for $8

Paid $1.49 - Sold for $15

Not bad, I have 218 items currently listed but it doesn't feel like so many when I'm mailing out so much stuff all the time :D