Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What it sold for - Thank goodness for Pinterest

If I had any Pinteresting doubts they were resolved this week. The Pinterest exchange group re-opened Saturday morning and I had my first sale since it closed within half an hour.

I had ten total sales this week and five were between Saturday and Sunday. Only three were thrift store goodies:

Jeans - Paid .33, sold for $9

Teapot set without handle - Paid $3.99, accepted best offer of $9
When shopping always make sure these things are handled

HIMYM S1 & 2 - Paid $2 or $4, sold for $15

This week will be better! I haven't been listing daily but plan to rectify that today.


mrs4jachi said...

how do you join an exchange group? I am new to pinterest and cant figure it out :(

Anny said...

I will type up a post about it tomorrow that will hopefully explain it better!