Friday, April 25, 2014

Thrifting in Newark, NJ

I'm excited guys - this weekend there should be a bunch of garage sales! I like thrift stores but garage sales are SO MUCH BETTER! PLUS this year I will have a brand new GPS to help me stop getting lost! Can I use more exclamation points!!! Maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway my husband and I were in Newark today near a Salvation Army.

Oh guys. This store was so sad. It was cramped, poorly lit, overpriced and all my favorite glassware "stuff" was tossed in bins instead of nicely displayed on shelves. Even the cashier was bored - she spent the whole time on the phone with her boyfriend (presumably). I told my husband its a good thing the first thrift store I went to turned out to be so great because very few since then have been worth a visit.

We did find this tub of Lincoln Logs for 4.99

No counting yet but the tub is pretty full.