Saturday, April 26, 2014

SUMMER IS HERE cause I went saling AND rummaging


Don't get me wrong - the Salvation Army has been a wonderful way of tiding me over but this will be my first full summer of thrifting for profit and I am psyched!

First up was a church rummage sale - AKA the best places to shop:

Total: $3.25

The downside of church sales is they rarely mark prices. I had no idea if this would be $5 or $15.

I like the frame so may end up swapping the picture and keeping it. The 101 Dalmations is sealed.

We are Giants fans but I hear parting out Monopoly games is profitable. Let's see which way we go.

After paying my $3.25 I went back for more.

This time the subtotal was $4.25. That external cd burner was $1 and she thought it was a portable cd walkman.

I could list mugs all day long.

Old school sealed puzzle. My husband liked this one.

A trio of mini Swingline staplers. I like vintage office equipment. These will probably go up for auction since I can't guess at a BIN price.

So as I was leaving the rummage sale I kept seeing people carrying lawn equipment, tools and chairs across the road. I thought it was odd I hadn't noticed them inside until I saw my first Oddbal Garage Sale of the Season. There were 4-5 italian guys in their fifties smoking cigars and practically giving away all kinds of stuff I don't know how to use.

They had a garage that would easily fit 4 cars and it was PACKED with professional looking gardening and maintenance tools. The main guy quoted a bench for $3 and another one got mad and took it inside because he said they lifted it from a hockey changing room 30 years ago. According to him they just picked it up and walked out. I laughed :D

Lighter - $2
PGA bag - $1
Paint roll cover $1

I probably overpaid on the roller cover but if it works I will be happy to have it.

This thing is HEAVY! I have no idea what to price it at either though.

Next up was the garage sale my husband I will have one day - there were at least 100 mugs then about 50 assorted types of glassware. There were about 10 pairs of shoes and a couple of garments. THE MUGS guys! I haven't sold a mug since March 15 so I don't want to go overboard buying but they had mugs from all over the world in all sizes.

Mugs - .25 each
Cowboys teddy - .75

I was excited about this Kenyan starbucks mug but my husband saw it only goes about about $10. Oh well.

The last sale was four neighbors selling overpriced stuff. This MCM magazine rack was the oddball priced at only $2.

The same lady had this globe for $2 and the hook for $2. I offered $5 for the set and the magazine rack cause $2 for the hook seemed excessive to me. Her friend said no then the actual seller said yes. Whatevs.

The magazine rack is up on a local facebook page cause I don't want to ship it. I can always garage sale it later.

This I'm keeping.

It probably lights up but is brand new and I don't want to turn it on then store it for seven months. It came with batteries.

So what an awesomely fun day!!! I had so much fun I forgot there was an Animal Rescue Shelter sale nearby too. Next year guys.

I am posting at Sir Thrift a Lot's while he's away:


Lilly Ash said...

I do love that magazine rack!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Great finds! And I know what you mean. I love the bargains to be had at garage sales, and I'm so happy the yard sale season is back. I filled my van on Friday and Saturday this past weekend! :)

Margaret said...

Hubby, I and the kids all went to a town about an hour away on Saturday for a city-wide garage sale. It was awesome. There were church rummage sales, and tons of garage sales. Picked up some great stuff. I've gone to a toy consignment sale this year, but other than that, this was my first time garage saling..and I had so much fun. I think I was born to scavenge. LOL

Margaret @ Live Like No One Else