Sunday, April 13, 2014

Review: ifrogz Coda Pop Speakers

Staples has these on clearance for $3.10 although someone on Slickdeals said their store has a 50% off table so he only paid $1.55. I wasn't expecting much but love anything audio and clearance is my weak point. Also - Staples has a great returns policy.

I was pleasantly surprised - sound is great for its size, controls simple and even the texture is spot on.

I streamed an audio mp3 through my shuffle and played music from my iPad over bluetooth. My Stephen King .mp3 has a tinny quality on the loudest setting but sounds fine lower. I've been listening to this story (from a Buick 8) for about a week through my Brookstone boombox and kitchen undercabinet Sony. Obviously both are better speakers and the mp3 sounds much better on them.

Music streamed from youtube via the iPad's bluetooth to the speaker sounds good. I listened to some quieter and louder Beyonce songs and both sound just fine to me. I was surprised by how loud the sound was. I set it on highest and walked with it to show my husband and had to raise my voice to be heard.

This is the super simple "interface." When you slide it to Bluetooth it makes the sound of a soda can being popped open. When you switch back to AUX it sounds like soda being poured to my husband. To me it sounds like creepy static. Still, the audio cues are a nice touch for people with bad eyesight.

The charger/aux/indicator light. I dig simple.

Its tiny with a rubbery exterior to keep it from falling easily. The bottom has a rubberized foam base. Hello my hand!

This has been my portable audio mode of choice since 2012. That Belkin cable retracts (from Staples of course). Cable management makes me happy.

Its not as ugly from the front. The cable is the perfect length at full retraction mode. Still, its significantly larger than my new replacement.

This is my less portable option when in the kitchen. Its a Sony undercabinet radio I've loved forever but never reviewed.

Way more portable! I can carry it in one hand without risking the Dropsies.

This is the charging cable. Not too long, I approve. I'd say about a foot long.

This is as far as the plug goes in though. This is my only complaint since I believe touching the metal during a charge will result in my immediate electrocution. Perhaps unlikely but I watched the entire Six Feet Under series and it changes a person.

Anyway you can plug the other side of the cable into your computer or any old usb charger. Between all the Apple products and cell phones we own there should never be a shortage of these at Chez Random.

The packaging is adorable but has a "cheap" look which the product definitely doesn't have. Hopefully this clearancing will lead to a rebranding and re-release because it really is an excellent speaker. Can you imagine if the case were a metal soda can with all the stuff printed on it?

Seriously - the hilarious details on the sides is INSANE.

The only feature I didn't try was the hands-free answering of calls using the built in microphone.

Seriously - its less than $3.50 with tax - go buy one!

I got my brother a blue one cause he likes sound and blue is his favorite color. I got myself one in red for the same reason. The grey one above is for eBay. I'm considering going back to pick up more. Profit margin for resale is bad but they would make awesome stocking stuffers. (Yep, I think ahead)


Here it is chilling on the towel rack while I shower. I don't want to bring my iPad into that kind of humidity but my $3 speaker? In you go!

Here it is charging on my Belkin charging station in the eBay room. Don't you love Belkin?