Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Posting Goals

You know how everyone says eBay gives sellers a temporary boosts on days when new listings are created? I am going to try and list an item a day in April to see what happens.

Coke Bear cookie jar - 2.99
2 Flowery vases - .79 each
Creamer - .49
Bear with honey cart - .49
Vamp Cow & Marriage Cows - .49 each
Shot glass - .49
Cow ornament - .29

The Salvation Army stuck the lid on with tape and when I pulled it off this happened. Next time I'll try soaking.

I usually stay away from shot glasses because it took my husband over a year to sell his collection but someone recently said they always buy shot glasses because they sell fast and pack easily. I enjoy shipping easily!

I couldn't decide wether to buy this pair. They are pretty with an arabic name on the bottom. In the end the promise of spring outside led me to buy them.

Speaking of spring this one will probably sit around for a while. Its very delicate and pretty and reminds me of cherry blossom festivals. I couldn't resist.

Have I told you my dad raises cattle? The Salvation Army had a collection of teeny cows for sale but I only bought the Enescos. The Christmas ornament is sticking around to decorate our tree.

I'm glad I bought them even though I thought they were personalized with the name "Mary." Turns out there is a line of "Mary's Moos" cows in human (and supernatural) situations.

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Jess said...

I hate when the stores put their stickers on things that shouldn't have them. It's so frustrating! The bears are cute!