Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Its time to play - CHECK YOUR DEFECT RATE

Defect rates go into play in August but today is the first day you can check how you will be doing.

Click and there will be a pop-up showing how you would be graded if Defection were happening now (instead of August).

Here is a snapshot of mine:

I don't even remember the item not as described transgression - maybe that dumbass who ordered a media mailed thingy and then complained cause it was slow and mishandled. The cancelled transaction was from last summer and my Total Bad. My parents were visiting and needed pain killers so I went into the eBay stash, forgot to end the auction and well - you know that ditty.

We're graded for an entire YEAR in order to keep top rated status (and the more important 20% discount).

I seem to be ok - how did you do?