Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Palindrome week but ESPECIALLY 41414

I bet grade school teachers around the world have been dying for the GREATEST PALINDROME DATES of OUR TIME. Or maybe they've been over it since we kicked in a new century and it keeps happening.

So today my guy and I went to Chilis and ate fajitas.

No lie - there was a sign advertising they were looking for a dishwasher up front. I wonder if the old one saw these things and said "Aww Hell Naw!"


They also had these cute little displays at each table from which you could order stuff, swipe your credit card to pay your bills, play games, etc. My husband tapped the Trivia Game while I was in the bathroom and said he answered one question when something popped up thanking him for buying .99 worth of games. There was a smaller option below to cancel.

Obviously he cancelled but it makes me think the FTC is going to come after Chili's next. It didn't work for Apple or Android guys.

Oh and my fajitas were pork. I enjoyed them.