Friday, April 11, 2014

Do you sell old stuffed animals?

I don't pick up stuffed animals whilst thrifting because I'm scared of bedbugs and the cooties. If you are more adventurous or know of adults paring down their collection here is a list of all the recently sold animals which sold for over $99:

Steiff (almost anything and the older looking the better)
Gold Sonic hedgehog
Hidden Mickey Disney
Life like and life size Animals
Charleen Kinser
VS Dogs
Caileigh Goodrich Poco Critters
Olaf or anything Frozen
My little Pony plush
Forget me not
Giant Disney plush (Lion King)
Webkins Timber wolf
Russ Berrie Oily Jiggler
Hallmark Kenner Party Yum Yumms
Gund Peek A Boo Bear
Manhattan Toy Lanky Catzz ZiggyMerrymakers Pete the cat doll
My Pillow Pet Silly Monkey, Willy Walrus
48” Mickey Mouse
Natasha Fadeeva
Build a Bear Pterodactyle Rainbow Petrie
Giant Stitch
LE Gund Pooh bear
My first Paddington Bear
Melissa and Doug Deluxe
Babar doll
Precious moments snowball applesauce
Playschool 1986 baby toys
Target Plush dogs
Kathleen Wallace
Fisher Price Rumple Bear 1993
Madame Alexander
Fluffie Puff Plush
Balto Plush
Doctor Robotnik Plush
Kimberlys Mohair
Hugfun Giant teddy
Mattel My Child doll 1986 pink cat
King Kong Mego RKO Samet and Wells
Plush Polar Bear Sochi winter games
Marvel Rocket Raccoon
Giant stuffed Bacon
Webkins Golden retriever, Cheeky Dog and Cat German Shepard, white artic fox, Australian Shepard
Wallace Berrie
Aurora Ape
My Pet Monster 1986 Plush
Looney Tunes Speedy the rat
Piutre Ghepardo seduto
Cuddly Dudley Stuffed
Wells Fargo Plush Horse
Bah Koo Stuffed Animal Robert Rhodes
Mopsy Pug
Rufis the Lion
Playboy Club stuffed bunny
AG baby
Tempur Pedic Teddy
Ty Boos Beanie Frog
Plush Goblin FAO
Giant Frosty the Snowman
Kawaii Mashimaro large
Haus of Klaus
Rockey Balboa M&M red plush
Cecil the seasick sea serpent
John Wright Winnie the Pooh
Dakin Lee
Alf phone plush
Mickey Mouse Dream Friends Blue PJs
Despicable Me Minion
Rubber faced Rudolph
Duncan the Trademark Teddy
Pillow People Window
Friends with you
Ralph Lauren Teddy Bear
Gucci Bear
How to train your dragon Toothless plush
Artificial Intelligence teddy talking bear
Commonwealth Gray white teddy bear
Colorata Real Animal
Snora-ca sleeping Bag Plush
Zip Plush stuffed Monkey
Peanuts Gang
Clarabelle Mickey Mouse Plush
Kitty Surprise
FAO Jester Monkeys
Avon plush cat 1984
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989
Prestige Toy Dragon puffalump
Pedigree Golly in Tartan
Charmander Pokemon
Pound Puppies
Giant Coke Bear
Gummie Bears
Elsa and Anna Frozen plush
Teletubbies Set
FAO Green Cinko
ICEO Steve Jobs plush
Waldorf statler plush (Muppets grumpy men)
Jumble Plumo Charlue Bears
Lion King Ed Hyena
The Beatles Plush
Scooter Muppets
Baby Oleg Meerkat
Micki and Mecki Hedgehog dolls
Scarebears (not carebears)
Curious George gund
Doogan plush
Fickle Pickle
Looney tunes daffy duck
Oliver and Company Rita plush
Ikea Brown monkey

List compiled from - a facebook group all eBay sellers should join!