Friday, April 4, 2014

Did I miss the green decor?

The snow is gone, days are longer and construction in our house is done! You know what that means - time to decorate!

I have light green living room curtains but I can't find matching throw pillows anywhere. Everything in stores is turquoise and you won't believe it but Marshall's last night had an elegant grey living room display! Gag me with a winter interior design magazine!

Check out these gorgeous vases:

I spotted this from the end of the aisle. I love the colors but the inside isn't sealed so any type of liquid (even swirling water to clean out dust) would probably ruin the paint job.

I like how imperfect these brushstrokes are.

I'd never heard of this company but they sure make pretty stuff. The vases were $10-$13 each. Too bad I have more vases than surfaces to properly display them on!


Alicia said...

I've been looking for vases like that! I don't want them for flowers or anything that needs water, I just want them to put on ledge of a high bathroom window to catch the light and hopefully reflect those colors.

I know where I'm going after work today! :)