Wednesday, April 9, 2014

because I really enjoy research!

Look at this - an entire trip to the Salvation Army without a single mug purchased!

Dansk yellow pot - 3.99
White vase - 2.99
Angel figurine - .99
Fisherman carving - .79
Bowl - .49
2 trinket holders - .29

The handle made me think it was vintage but it turns out Crate & Barrel sells them for $40:

A few little chips on the rim (also needs a nice cleaning)

I liked this little guy and wondered to myself "Is it Lladro?"

Flipped it over, covertly moved the tag (they really hate it when customers do that) and YEP!

My husband says his dad had this little guy when he was growing up. How randomly weird.

I wasn't going to buy these until I flipped them over and saw the leather underside. Nice.

This is the top - Venus is so overplayed right?

Ditto for this bowl. Anything from a museum for .49 comes home. My supportive guy was upset they sharpied the price on it but I think it will come off easily enough.

Vintage or TJ Maxx? Someone should make that into a game. I'd lose every time but I would still play.

I shopped yesterday too and bought more of usual fare:

The Salvation Army finally lowered their mug prices. I don't know if I'm responsible for the temporary jump in prices but when I started shopping they were always .29 - .49 tops. In the past few weeks I barely found anything for .29.

Rainforest Cafe mug - .49
Other two mugs - .29 each
Sambuca shot glasses - .29 each
Owl - .29

I'm really surprised this weird cat mug was .29

This owl was part of yet another animal tchoke collection. I picked the cutest one but while trying to clean his neck chipped his ear.

See top of the left ear?

I think our garage sale's theme will be "Chipped eBay Duds." Think people will go for it?

I almost missed this week's thriftasaurus:


Ashley@SimplySellingGirl said...

I have sold one of those bad cat mugs before!!
Great finds. I too have a problem with mugs.. I need to stop purchasing them.. but I cant!! I also hate when thrift stores mark on stuff with a sharpie!! I have found that baking soda and some water takes sharpie off of certain glass surfaces. Good luck!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I got beat out by a dealer by just a few seconds by that exact same Dansk piece last week! Never knew C&B sold them. Now I know why I see them in pictures of estate sales when everything else is new. Probably C&B! Expensive, though!