Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What it sold for: Week 12

Nine sales all last week. I am hoping now that my store is closed sales will start picking up. Note how 8 of 9 sales were all pinned. You should pin too.

Paid .49 -  sold for $15 (PINNED)

Paid $5 last summer, finally sold for $25 (PINNED)

Free at Staples, sold for $20 (PINNED)

Paid $6 at Dollar General, sold for $15 (PINNED)

Paid $2 at Office Depot, sold for $12 - after months of relisting sold both this week (PINNED)

Free at Walgreens, sold for $15 (only unpinned sale)

Garage saled for .25, sold for $13 (PINNED)

Little thrift store for $3, sold for $30 (PINNED)


tam cruise said...

When you say pinned, do you mean you posted it on Pinterest?